30 Things to Make While I’m 30

by Beth on July 20, 2010

At 12:13 this morning, I started the third decade of my life.  Yes, today I turned the big 3-0.

A handful of bloggers that I follow have compiled lists of cooking tasks that they want to complete during or before their 30th year.  With my birthday fast approaching, I assembled a list 30 things that I want to make in the coming  year.

It seems like a fun way to set some goals and finally work on some dishes I’ve been meaning to make for ages.  I’ll get to stretch myself and work outside my comfort zone, trying new techniques and working with new foods (see 24 – I’m an avowed fish-hater).  Along the way, I’ll document my progress on this blog and share my victories and defeats… although hopefully there will be far more of the former. :)

If any of my readers have tried and true recipe suggestions for any of the items on my list, please feel free to send them my way – my contact information is listed in the left side bar.

Wish me luck!

30 Things to Make While I’m 30

  1. English muffins
  2. Focaccia bread
  3. Pita bread
  4. Whole wheat bread
  5. Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
  6. Berry pie/cobbler
  7. Cheesecake
  8. Chocolate Mint Fudge
  9. Chocolate mousse
  10. Gelato
  11. Gingerbread
  12. Homemade fondant
  13. Lemon meringue pie
  14. Scones
  15. Shortbread
  16. Sugar cookies with royal icing
  17. Pumpkin Ice Cream
  18. Pad thai
  19. Homemade ravioli
  20. Homemade pasta
  21. Tomato sauce (from scratch)
  22. Crepes
  23. Carnitas
  24. Fish
  25. Meatballs
  26. Barbacoa
  27. Pork loin
  28. Limoncello
  29. Vanilla extract
  30. Hummus

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