Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

October 26, 2011
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Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies have become a seasonal favorite in my house and featured among the first recipes that I blogged back in 2008.  Since the recipe is buried in the archives and accompanied by a terrible photograph, I figured I would dust it off and repost in order to share with my newer readers. These cookies […]

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Black and White Cookies

March 12, 2011

Black & White Cookies are amazing - there’s the soft, cakey cookie part and the rich smooth frostings – the combination makes me pick them up as often as I can.  As I never thought about baking them before, I thought they would be the perfect addition to my list of things to make while I’m 30!  It’s just over […]

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Frozen Cookie Dough: Freshly Baked Cookies in Minutes

February 21, 2011

I’ve been baking quite a bit lately, but I haven’t gone through nearly as much work as it may appear.  I’ll let you in on a little secret:  I mixed the dough for the Doubly Chocolate Cookies and the Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies at the end of December.  Seriously.  If you peruse my freezer, […]

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Hershey’s Doubly Chocolate Cookies

February 17, 2011

I’ve been told that my family has the chocolate gene.  The women in my family simply adore it.  Most desserts at family gatherings are chocolate and for years a birthday cake that wasn’t chocolate may as well have been considered blasphemy.  I had to chuckle when my cousin’s 8 year old son surveyed the dessert […]

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Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

February 15, 2011

When I first made these cookies, it was bright, sunny and warm.  My little container garden was in bloom and my mint plant was out of control.  I had been hesitant to bake, because I didn’t want to make the house any warmer than it already was!  I lounged on the deck in a sun-dress and flip-flops, […]

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Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

February 11, 2011

An open bag of Oreos is an incredibly dangerous thing.  I’m usually very well-behaved around sweets, but Oreos are a striking exception to the rule.  It starts off innocously enough: a single serving of 3 cookies.  But then I just grab just one more, and then another, and then another… you get the picture.  Open […]

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Raspberry Lemonade Sandwich Cookies

January 30, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little tired of winter.  We easily have 2.5 feet of snow on our lawn, and it seems the stream of various manners of frozezn precipitation and shovelling has been endless.  When picking out a recipe to bring to Beth’s for dessert this week then, I wanted to find one […]

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Anisette Cookies

April 13, 2010

My local grocery store’s bakery makes the most amazing Anisette Cookies – soft pillows of anisette goodness coated with a delicate sugar glaze.  They are especially tasty when consumed with a cup of piping hot Lady Grey tea. On Sunday, I found myself planning a last-minute dinner with my parents and realized that I didn’t […]

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Snowed In!!!

December 20, 2009

Well, we got 24 inches of snow in our neck of the woods this weekend – since my husband and I had no place to go, we stayed in and “let it snow!” While everyone else in the city stocked up on bread, milk and eggs (presumably to make french toast?) I opted for butter, […]

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Toll House Cookies

June 9, 2009

I love having a well-stocked freezer. A double batch of vegetarian black bean chili and multiple portions of Mexican rice have saved the day on multiple occasions. I freeze leftover sauce, broth, black beans and shredded chicken to prevent leftovers from spoiling and to save for future use. However, the most enjoyable part of my […]

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