Avocado Shrimp Bisque

August 19, 2011

Ok in the home stretch now!  3 days to go, and then I will be 31.  I really think I’m going to finish all of these things on this list!  This soup has a very nice backstory – it’s one of the things my husband made for me for our first Valentine’s day together.  This started our proud […]

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January 27, 2011

For some reason, I always found the idea of making guacamole intimidating until fairly recently.  I don’t know what it was, but the idea of peeling and mashing avocado just seemed too difficult.  But, for the 3rd recipe in my January dip series, I wanted to post my favorite guacamole recipe.  Guacamole is one of those dishes that […]

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California Burgers

June 22, 2010

If your weather has been anything like our weather lately, you may be looking for some recipes that can be prepared outside on the grill!  Today our air conditioner picked the perfect day to go ka-put, as we’re heading into a three day heat wave - so when picking a menu for dinner I wanted to make sure […]

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